5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom-embroidered-patchesCustom embroidered patches are mostly used for uniforms worn by military personnel, police officers, and first responders like firefighters and paramedics. They are also commonly seen on the jerseys and uniforms of athletes, the boys and girls’ scouts and government employees. If you are undecided on whether or not to also use custom embroidered patches on the uniforms of your company, business organization, children’s club or whatever it is you need them for, then read on.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider custom embroidered patches.

  1. They are fashionable. Admit it. These patches look cool and beautiful wherever you place them – whether on your caps, cloth bags, jerseys, denims, sleeves, jackets or uniforms. They never go out of style. They have been with us for ages, come to think of it. An inventor from Switzerland by the name of Isaak Groebli invented the embroidery machine in 1863. Prior to the invention of machines, patches were being handmade by our ancestors, dating back as far as the 16th If they have survived that long, one can already foresee the future for these embroidered patches. They are definitely here to stay.
  2. They are great advertising or marketing tools. There are many reasons why companies place custom embroidered patches on their uniforms and one is for the purpose of identification. However, identification can serve as an advertising tool too, and a powerful tool at that. When people see the logo, text or any mark symbolizing a specific company, they are reminded of the company and that in itself is an advantage over the competitors already. For instance inside a mall, a salesperson wearing a certain company’s uniform with an embroidered patch on it, could easily approach a client and present the company’s product with much easiness unlike those salespersons who are wearing just the usual uniforms. The uniforms can be used as marketing or advertising tools.
  3. They are affordable. Another great advantage of embroidered patches is their affordability. You could even save much more if you would observe these tips.
    1. Do not order at the last minute. The more time you have, the lower is the asking price. Rush jobs are always more expensive.
    2. Order by the bulk. If you need more than the minimum quantity, then you are in for some discounts. Instead of purchasing for 3 pieces per employee, why don’t you double it so that it would last for two years? You can do this among your regular employees. Or you could also order extra for your new employees in the future.
    3. Consider the size. Most makers of patches would compute the price by the size of the patch. The average size is 3”. If you initially plan to have a 4” patch, consider if it would make a vast difference if you would remove an inch from the size. That inch could save you a lot of money.
    4. Take note of the percentage of embroidery. You actually have an option of whether you want a complete embroidered patch, or just 75 or 50% embroidery.
    5. Choose the material. You could choose the standard materials or the more expensive ones such as metallic thread, neon thread, glow in the dark material, reflective, felt patch, and others.
  4. They are long lasting. These patches do not get torn, ripped, cut or damaged easily. Usually, the uniforms are the first ones that need to be replaced. Then some people just cut the patches and sew them on the new sets of uniforms.
  5. They are easy to have. Would you believe that you can be at home, with your computer and you can order your custom embroidered patches? Everything can be done online. From design making to payment and other details regarding your order, it can be settled online.